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Can someone help me with getting a new case fan / power my old ones?

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  3. Can someone help me with getting a new case fan / power my old ones?

User Info: JohnnyKooch

3 years ago#1
I recently had to get a new PSU to upgrade my mobo, to upgrade my CPU.
My old PSU had a lot of plug ins that you would plug in things from the case to the PSU, and plug in some wires other than what was already coming out of the PSU, and route to the motherboard.

Everything is fine and powered, except for my case fans. There's one on the top, one in the back, and one in front of the PSU at the bottom. They're all connected to relatively thin wires, which route to a thicker power cable that needs to be plugged into a PSU, which this new one has no slots unlike my 7 year old PSU. These fans and case are 7 years old also, and I haven't built a PC until now. My brother built it at first with these initial parts, fans and case.

He said there might be some kind of adapter wire that I can use to connect the fan wire to the PSU mid-wire or something, but I'm not sure. I've tried just simply plugging in the sys_fan without any power connected and the fans did nothing.

Are there fans out there that can draw power from simply the sys_fan plug, without needing anything additional from a PSU? Or if there is an adapter type of cable, would it even be worth it to get it, or just more money?

I'm holding out right now, it's pretty cold here, I've got the case half open knowing that dust is probably coming in, and I've got a pretty low power GPU. But I plan to get a much bigger and powerful GPU soon and I'm going to be worried about temps for a long time unless I can find a solution here.

Also, my mobo is a Gigabyte F2AA88XM-HD3, its a smaller mobo in a pretty large case, but I like the extra room.

User Info: WerdnAndreW

3 years ago#2
In the BIOS, make sure the sys fan is not set to disabled.
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  3. Can someone help me with getting a new case fan / power my old ones?

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