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Are any games being released on steam now a days?

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User Info: SythisTaru

3 years ago#21
water1111 posted...
wizardmon posted...
Shub posted...
water1111 topic and all, but still: did any major games come out recently that didn't make it to Steam and are not Origin or Uplay exclusives?

Actually, now that I look through the last 100 games released on steam, the closest thing to a 'major' game release would be X Rebirth sadly.

I think the games are waiting till Xmas or 2014.

That's #$*)&** terrible, we get generic early release crap but GTA V is never coming out. Its basically PC community fault because they support the #(()( indie crap, because hur dur the developer is homeless and #&^&.

Lol, ALL Indie games are better than GTA V. And GTA V is pretty good.

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#22
Relentless639 posted...
All I want is Ikaruga and MGR and some unexpected jRPG (like HMH or Cladun) to pop up there...

Now why would you waste time waiting for PC releases of games that clearly are plentiful on the playstation consoles.

What do people have against indie games anyway? They are freaking amazing.
- My vision is augmented

User Info: Relentless639

3 years ago#23
Why would I get those games for consoles when I won't be able to replay them when the next console is released? That's the biggest problem. Besides having to switch discs all the time I need to play damn game.

And most indie games use lazy "artstyles" and aren't even games. More like "experience" adventures with no gameplay at all. Being indie doesn't equal to crap, but most indies are utter crap.
This trend with indie games being the new mean for any idiot releasing his non game is about the same cancer as the companies casualizing the games and turning them into movie industry #2.

User Info: DanteProtos

3 years ago#24
water1111 posted...
SpazH3d posted...
Which are still games. Broaden your taste?

no, a proper game is one that doesn't need additional financing to function. Steam has been reduced to second rate kickstarter.

I'm here to play games, not pay for the developers $&*#%^&#* mortgage.

Get out

User Info: cjburn851

3 years ago#25
Someone needs to get out of the house and get laid.
Gaming in the 90's > Everything else

User Info: water1111

3 years ago#26
calcycle posted...
I don't know what's the problem with the release of a lot of indie titles. Some of them are great and just because you may not be interested in them doesn't mean you should shun the entire genre.

AAA season just finished and if you're already bored of those games then that's more your fault than anything else. Maybe you should look into the games you loathe so much and see if you like one. Walking Dead season 2 comes out tomorrow so maybe look into that.

The PC platform is pretty easy for indie devs to get on compared to consoles. I don't know why you would want to stunt the growth of new titles and ideas that others enjoy.

But keep those filthy indie games out of steam. Gotta keep the master race pure.

When did the walking dead became a game? No game-play, QTE and lol worthy story. are you confused or something?
You are born Free but taxed to death

User Info: Pokenub

3 years ago#27
AlexTheNextOne posted...
water1111 posted...
AlexTheNextOne posted...
There's always GOG. Can't go wrong with the groundbreaking classics.

GoG? Its infested with the same crap steam has, I wouldn't be surprised if they drop old game releases in 2014.

You're right. Old games aren't even coming out much anymore.

This made me laugh.
XBOX 360 GT: Invghost
Not looking forward to any games now.
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