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Is Geforce Experience worth using if you know how to tune settings yourself?

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User Info: HydroCannabinol

4 years ago#1
I have never used it but I was looking at it right now in my system tray and was wondering if it's worth using to gain some FPS in games without losing too much looks.

I always just tune my settings and usually leave textures and stuff on max while turning down shadows and either disabling AA and it's varients or turning it to like 2x.

I was just wondering if anyone has had some positive experiences with it because of the tuning features etc. that were better than just doing it old school. I figure it may be able to better tweak things because it's Nvidia and I'm an idiot.

Also shadowplay looks sweet I will try it when I get a new HDD I have like 40 GB of space left atm...

Thanks! ^_^
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User Info: EciDemon

4 years ago#2
It's not bad imo, it's optimized for a whole range of cards, from low end to high end, and there's people who play test to determine these settings.
For me everything defaults to highest settings so it can be used to just max everything with one button though I usually do from in game anyways.

Shadowplay is awesome though and reason enough to use it :)
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User Info: Brainhunter

4 years ago#3
GeForce Experience simply gives you a configuration that is typically used out of a large database of PC setups. It is an optimal, but objective take on the typical configurations employed by various GeForce users.

You're free to adjust your own settings manually, as only you can determine the proper graphics to performance ratio you are willing to sacrifice to get the optimal setup you want in any game.

In general though, I find it to be quite on the spot regarding what settings I leave on and off. The kind of AA used, or Shadow Quality, may vary depending on your own threshold of what is acceptable performance and/or visuals.
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User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#4
It put everything to high and ultra in BF4 on my PC (sli 560ti's).....I was getting 15fps in multiplayer.
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  3. Is Geforce Experience worth using if you know how to tune settings yourself?

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