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WMV vs MP4 for youtube gameplay

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User Info: Billdough002

3 years ago#1
From what i've noticed, MP4 seems to be better for quality, especially in regards to uploading gameplay videos on youtube. However, I've also noticed that it usually produces a bigger filesize, and with my bad upload speed, takes much more time for my videos to upload on YT.

So I was wondering, would the average person on youtube really even care about the difference in quality of WMV, compared to MP4? Basically, would they easily be able to spot a difference as to whether or not it looks the same or worse compared to other videos of youtubers who render in MP4? I know that for youtube videos, people are far more likely to go to a video thats HD, compared to something more standard.

Do you think it's worth rendering+uploading videos on WMV if it means less time to upload+lesser filesize? And that the average person wouldn't be able to see a difference and as long as it's in HD, it wouldn't be an issue?

Or do you feel that the quality of an MP4 video is far more noticeable compared to using WMV, even on youtube?
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User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#2
The difference is not in the container. The difference is the codec. Use h264/AVC for video and leave audio at PCM or ACC.
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