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A question about partitioning my OS drive.

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User Info: Duarian

4 years ago#1
I am going to be doing my winter break os wipe soon, and I figured I would ask this simple question and see if I could save myself a headache in the future.

If I partition my OS SSD, leave my OS on one partition and install all of my files (office, visual studio..etc) on the other, if I wipe windows and reinstall it again, will it still be able to recognize all the files on my other partition? It almost sounds to good to be true since I am sure it installs files on the OS drive that are needed to be ran, but I figured i'd ask.


User Info: ChromaticAngel

4 years ago#2
uhh, no, your documents and stuff will be intact but you will have to reinstall most of your programs.
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  3. A question about partitioning my OS drive.

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