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I used a Macbook Pro and it was wonderful

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User Info: hitokiri13

3 years ago#41
I own a Core 2 Duo version for like years but I thought there suppose to remain fast like forever like people said. I had to restore like 3 or 4 times a year. Plus I DJ , light programming, video and audo production on it. SOMETHING more productive than Facebook. Software stability is superb after restoring though.
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User Info: mrCube

3 years ago#42
Psykic Petrol posted...
That's a rather weak attempt at an insult. Guess I shouldn't be surprised your initial reply was a piss-poor ad hom one.

The initial reply was that I'm not a Mac user, but you ignored that because you were wrong.

Also the options are that you had the link on hand, in which case that's hilarious and worth pointing out. Or you actually took the time to go find it and post it here in an attempt to "insult" me, which is stupidly pathetic in it's own right. Either way it was a s***post that you made because you had to save face for being dead wrong about the people laughing at the Mac haters being Mac users, and it was a barely intelligible post at that.

User Info: teknic1200

3 years ago#43
Macs are great machines. I've used them most of my life and work as a developer on the OS X and UNIX platform.

The machines are top notch but you do pay a premium.

I just build an i7 haswell desktop with 16 GB of RAM and the machine is smoking. It's the first MS machine I've had that runs Windows. I had a 80286 DOS box when i was in high school.

I cannot wait for my office to receive the new Mac Pros that just dropped.

Bootcamp for games is going to be best, hit me up if you have any questions.

I'm also a hobby musician and got into Macs as music making machines, the stability is really nice.
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User Info: Delta_F14

3 years ago#44
ITT: Apple PR team.
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User Info: Spacewhizguy

3 years ago#45
wassup3 posted...
Have you tried the X1 Carbon?

No, but I've tried plenty of other Thinkpads and they've all sucked. I can't even call one of them even half as good as the trackpad on the Macbooks.

I've also seen plenty of posts like yours where people said "the ___'s trackpad is really good!" But when you actually use it, it's not comparable to a Macbook's at all. A less smelly piece of crap is still a piece of crap. So sorry, but I don't believe your statement at all.
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User Info: su27Chaos

3 years ago#46
I know that MBP is good but when it comes to people using it they waste so much money but i can't blame them. there is so much potential but why limit to web browsing. this is really true for rich filipino with daughter that buys MB for double price and goes on facebook or typical social network sites. there is advantage it doesn't have spywares.

my brother is a DJ that owns MB but he does get really pissy when it doesn't work right. like temporary slow downs and stuff then he had buy SSD to speed it up again. MB is really stability when it needs to but does get slow just like any PC. slow it depends on how you use.
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User Info: OreoBoy206

3 years ago#47

"Microsoft has been working with Intel, Elan, and Synaptics to allow Windows 8.1 to directly control the pointer, multi-touch, and gesture support in trackpads. For Windows users this should mean that future laptop trackpads will work more like mini touch-screens in a similar way to how Apple's MacBook trackpads operate in OS X."

Good to see they're trying to fix the issues that Windows laptop trackpads have..

User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#48
animanganime posted...
Hi C posted...
Tha_Degenerator posted...
Voelger posted...
What's so different about it?

Build quality. Premium feel that you won't find anywhere else in a laptop.

Protip 1: Aluminum casing isn't going to stop the concussion from breaking something internal when you drop it.

Protip 2: All laptops have a 50% failure rate by the end of the 3rd year of use.

Not that it will stop zombies from waiting in line 3 corners around the block every year to drop another $2k on a laptop with the processing power of a $500 Windows PC.

Well too bad said Windows PC does not weight 2lbs

... Personally I'm fine with carrying 7 extra pounds if it makes the screen 4.3" larger diagonally.
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User Info: Treason686

3 years ago#49
mrCube posted...
Psykic Petrol posted...
From: mrCube | Posted: 12/20/2013 4:44:40 PM | #025
It's always funny watching PC fanboys get their jimmies rustled when someone mentions Macbooks

From: _Marka_Ragnos_ | Posted: 12/20/2013 6:52:04 PM | #030
mrCube posted...
It's always funny watching PC fanboys get their jimmies rustled when someone mentions Macbooks

But but but I can get a laptop that's twice as heavy and twice as thick with the SAME specs for half the price /whine.

These sort of posts are easily worse than the ones they're complaining about, given the irony of them doing exactly what they're supposedly making fun of. The same group of people every single time as well. Most reasonable people are well aware of all the pros/cons of both sides, as many of the other posts in the topic show.

All these posts do, however, is reinforce the stereotype Mac user caricatures they deny being.

Never owned a Mac product in my life, try again

Edit: Also your post was worded very poorly and just barely makes sense.

I'm glad it makes sense to you. I read it over several times, and I still don't get it. Maybe this English degree is rubbish. I'm going to check out the link he posted.
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User Info: SavenForever

3 years ago#50
I have used a Macbook since 2009, and I gotta say I have been absolutely unimpressed with it. The only thing that its useful for is video editing and thats it. Biggest waste of $1500 I have ever spent.
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