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looking for an mmo to start off my year

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User Info: auginiste

3 years ago#1
something that isn't point and click select skill swat swoosh.

something like fantasy earth zero or something that's action packed. don't give me warframe though.

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User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#2
It's more of a lobby/server/match making game, but World of Tanks is pretty action packed once you reach tier 5.

It's not for everyone though, and the earlier tiers can be boring if when you don't really understand what's going on.
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User Info: auginiste

3 years ago#3
haven't checked out that one yet. will try that first. thanks!
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#4
Have you looked into Tera? First MMO I've been interested in since I got burned out on WoW after 6 years.
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User Info: auginiste

3 years ago#5
not yet. i'll put that on my list. thanks man
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User Info: Ringo_88

3 years ago#6
Have you tried the Old Republic? I know it gets a lot of flack, and some of it rightfully so, but I really enjoyed it when I played. The voice acting in the storylines really immersed me. But it's kinda your standard MMO fare, so it may not be what your looking for. Tera and World of Tanks are great recommendations.
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User Info: DetectivPenguin

3 years ago#7
Star wars the old republic is a great free to play game for PVE if you are looking for a good story, and presentation. LOTRO also not bad if you are a fan of Tolkien just traveling around ME is one of my favorite parts of that one interacting with all the fan favorite characters, more of a grinder though, similar to WoW. Still 2 I hardly see recommended that I thoroughly enjoyed taking a character or 2 through the story. Especially star wars where every class has it's own storyline.
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User Info: skychan

3 years ago#8
ok... vindictus......
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