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Thank the PS4 and Xbox one for higher GPU prices

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User Info: SythisTaru

3 years ago#21
It's these BITCOIN hoodinkies! I ain't know what one o' dem is, but I know I will NEVER support that filth. If it ain't American; it AIN'T EXIST!

User Info: ARMs7777

3 years ago#22
Worknofun370 posted...
ARMs7777 posted...
KabtheMentat posted...
Consoles are partly to blame for RAM prices. Not GPU.

That's the bitcoin idiots.

RAM prices shot up because PC sales are dropping and not enough people are building new systems. They might upgrade but ram is one of the parts that does not require upgrading every few months.

That's not how supply and demand works.

The demands not there to start with so companies gotta make money somehow right? Besides thats the only reason I have heard about the ram price going up. Is there a confirmed reason for it like how the thailand incident effected hard drive price?

User Info: TheArcade

3 years ago#23
Thank you Xbox One/PS4!!!! =D
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User Info: jZangetsu21

3 years ago#24
nfs9 posted...
Prices before the ps4 and xbox one launch were trending at 120 dollars for a 7850 and 140 for a 7870. Now at 7850 is 160 minimum and the 7870 200. Thanks sony and Microsoft!

Lol really? Prices aren't any higher where I'm from, they've actually come down.

You can't blame a console if PC components has a price increase, grow up.

User Info: al3azmi

3 years ago#25
Gamefaqs users making things up... Not new..
GPU prices skyrocketed cuz of bitcoin, the online currency reached a price of 1000$ per coin and people started building pc's in bulk to mine then, unfortunately the price is around 500$ as of today "December 20".
RAM Prices gone up see this chart
due to a fire in one of the big companies making them "all RAM is the same, just different look,speed and size" , Mobile devices pushing for more RAM, and japan getting hit by a tsunami or whatever.
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User Info: Snuckie7

3 years ago#26
PraetorXyn posted...
DARQ MX posted...
redrum187 posted...
pretty sure it is due to bitcoin and litecoin mining not new consoles.

what is this? I keep hearing about it?

It's some kind of Internet currency that just shot up tremendously in value, one bit coin is worth like $1000 or something.

You mine bitcoins with a computer somehow, and AMD's graphics cards are better for that purpose because they have more RAM and tend to be better compute cards.

Of course the Titan is meant to be a compute card and has 6 GB of Ram, so it should do even better.

Except it doesn't. An HD 7850 hashes at the same rate as a Titan.

Nvidia cards just suck for mining, nothing more to it.
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User Info: ShioonVailglory

3 years ago#27
You're welcome, "Master Race".

User Info: xSoldier24x

3 years ago#28
Kokuei05 posted...
ITT: TC is ignorant.
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