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Getting the Sennheiser HD 598. Would I need a sound card?

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User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#21
JohnnyBananas26 posted...
Do I need an AMP if I am getting a sound card for my desktop? Because this is really confusing especially when I look at the back of the AMP and I don't know what connection goes where. I was thinking of getting the

and if I NEED an amp I would get

What do you guys think?

The STX is overkill for most things, and it's extremely expensive compared to comparable AMPS. I believe the STX has the same AMP as in the FiiO e9 which is overkill for the headphones you have.

The magni alone would provide more power than you need and prob better sound Quality than the e9 or the STX.
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User Info: SythisTaru

3 years ago#22
Probably want a good USB DAC. Internal-Sound cards don't really cut it for audio quality.

User Info: JohnnyBananas26

3 years ago#23
But I don't get how it works. I just plug the headphones in and then use some AV connectors to plug into my desktop which doesn't have AV connectors?

User Info: Erik212

3 years ago#24
I want to say that the fact that you didn't know if you needed a soundcard means you might as well get any of a number of headphones that are cheaper than 598s and you probably won't be able to tell the difference.

I use 518s which are $60-$70 dented box on Amazon, and I can hardly justify going to a 598, which I have listened to plentifully at a friend's apartment. The soundcard and virtual surround would provide way more noticible sound improvement over upgrading the headphones to anything past $150.

Anyway, it's your money. I use a Creative Omni usb sound card, was a b**** to get the drivers working in Windows 8.1 with my mobo but my did it make a difference over onboard once it worked. Also, most any soundcard will have a built in amp, so look for that in whatever soundcards you look at. I hear that the 500s really don't need amps as they're easy to drive, I'd recommend trying one out before just buying to you can try to hear a difference.

Also all of these headphones are open backed, so be aware.

Gregsplintercel posted...
I'm really thinking of getting the 558 or 598 headphones. do either of them have good bass as well as amazing sound quality ?

The 518s are known to have better bass than both of those models, and I feel that the sound you get for the money is amazing. I haven't actually tried 558s so I won't comment on that, I just hear that the 518 outshines the 558s and 598s in the bass department without needing a bass mod, and I am not a basshead but I am pleased with their performance.
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User Info: JohnnyBananas26

3 years ago#25
Ehh I'm just gonna get the STX and call it a day. I'm sure it will be more phenomenal than anything I've heard before so it should be great.

User Info: EngineeringRace

3 years ago#26
I use an hd 558 + Fiio e10 combo and I'm happy enough with the result.
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