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Steam Sale Question

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User Info: CalmLikeABomb67

4 years ago#1
Right now I've got my eye on Teleglitch and Rogue Legacy which are both on sale for 50% off till January 3.

How often does a game that's already on sale go on sale during one of the daily deals or flash sales for an even cheaper price?

Just wondering if I should hold off till the last day of the sale to see if they get any cheaper. Thanks.

User Info: Logical_One

4 years ago#2
ALWAYS hold off until the last day to see if they go up as daily deals/flash deals--just IMO.
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User Info: pjlind

4 years ago#3
I believe most all games are already on sale by default. I would wait, there's really no reason not to. The biggest sales are the daily, flash, cc. Even if your games dont hit a sale, you can still get them at the price on the last day. If you pick them up now you'll be kicking yourself when they go on sale.
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User Info: Bkongo

4 years ago#4
I always wait for daily/flash sales. No harm in waiting otherwise, unless you absolutely HAVE to play something, like co-op multiplayer with a pal.

User Info: d209999

4 years ago#5
Rogue Legacy 67% off.

Buy it now TC. It won't get any lower during this sale.
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