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NEW CRAP STEAM SALES! refresh steam

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User Info: Darkcloud20

3 years ago#31
HydroCannabinol posted...
Darkcloud20 posted...
Majoras_pants posted...
Crusader Kings 2
Shadow Warrior
Rogue Legacy
Dragon Age Origins
The Witcher 2
Tomb Raider

I know this is a joke topic but I wonder if there's someone with bad enough taste to not like today's sale.

Well I think its more because all these games where on sale before and if you factor in other sites (where most also offer steam keys) the sales are often quite a bit worse in comparison.

Awe shucks a bunch of badass games are on sale for really cheap again but you can't enjoy it because you already have all the games...

You sound like a spoiled brat. Go play the games then and be happy you have so many.

Yes not having anything to buy in the sale means I don't like it or think it is crap! It just means there is no reason to be excited about when it makes absolutely no difference to having no sale at all for you.

User Info: TheAlmightyCow

3 years ago#32
I want Starbound to go on sale! :C
FC: 3866 - 8210 - 3222
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