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Anyone got Zelda clones on steam

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User Info: Sienrurouni

3 years ago#61
aak57 posted...
It really, really depends on how loose your definition of clone is. Ys and Darksiders are vaguely similar, but if you're looking for something like God of War/Lords of Shadow similar then you'll be disappointed.

I do agree with Anodyne and part of Evoland, though.

Lord of Shadows is way less like God of War than Darksiders is like Zelda. Darksiders might not be like Zelda to the same degree Dante's Inferno is to God of War, but it's certainly more so than Lord of Shadows was.

And I really don't see how someone could see DMC in Darksiders. It's got some light God of War elements stapled onto a Zelda game.
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