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When a game says Intel Integrated Graphics not supported..

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User Info: Aragorn428777

3 years ago#1
Does that mean that the game won't run at all, or it will just look blurry/not optimized?

Just saw Amnesia is Mac compatible and $3.99, but doesn't support my Retina's 5100 iris graphics grrr...

Just wondering if itll play but look like an older gen game or if itll give me an error message. thanks!

Kind of pissed im finding all these games that ARE Mac compatible but dont support Intel

on a side note...does Left 4 Dead run well on Macs? Love that game but dont want to buy an Xbox again to play it...wouldnt mind paying $20 for it if it works well
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User Info: Dragnfyr

3 years ago#2
Left 4 Dead should run fine. Also Amnesia should work as long as they didn't hardcode a check to prevent Intel integrated graphics from working. Usually I ignore system requirements since they're horribly inaccurate. The point of system requirements is just so the developers can cover their ass in case there are problems. Also the Intel Iris Pro integrated graphics are A LOT more powerful than any previous generation integrated graphics.
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User Info: pjlind

3 years ago#3
I ran amnesia on intel hd 3000, so you should be fine there. Intel 4600 has been able to run farcry 3, skyrim, bioshock infinite for me on low-med at 720p at an acceptable fps
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User Info: rusty12000

3 years ago#4
Integrated Graphics is generally really really bad. They probably just don't want to say that it will work so they don't get trolled at when it doesn't.
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