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Baldur's Gate 1 Enhanced Edition any good?

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User Info: Fade2black001

3 years ago#11
I have played the EE version and am not impressed with it at all. It is a waste of money. DO NOT buy it. The people who support these crappy remakes like wasting money. For 15 bucks its not worth it. You will be FAR better off getting the Baldur's Gate anthology set for 5 bucks more.
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User Info: MrMonkhouse

3 years ago#12
Well BG2 is still ab it pricey so I can wait for that to drop more in price later on.

User Info: Arsene-Lupin

3 years ago#13
These games are worth $50. Saying $15 is too much is, quite simply, insane.

Also: they're not remakes. Also: they've been on sale a lot recently. Also: why is it all the people screaming hatred at Baldur's Gate games lately?
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User Info: Wayavas

3 years ago#14
It's a good buy, as long as you also buy the sequel, b ecause you can export your character anmd continue the adventure.
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