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Would it be a good idea to get a gaming laptop for non-gaming purposes?

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User Info: slk_23

3 years ago#1
My current laptop has served me well, but it's starting to run out on me, and I'm looking to buy a new one as a replacement. It's going to be a desktop replacement pretty much because I haven't needed a big desktop computer since laptops started getting powerful enough. However, one of the issues with my old laptop is that it's too weak, and I might as well get a really powerful laptop while I'm at it if I'm going to get a laptop at all.

Money isn't a concern, and I've been browsing gaming laptops on that run for around $2000. However, Wikipedia is telling me that these gaming laptops probably overheat really easily because they waste a lot of electricity and have incredibly short battery lives. On the other hand, the price is really no problem for me, and I do want to have a laptop that is powerful. It will also stay home almost all the time, so things like portability, battery life, and size are of no concern to me. The reason I don't just get a desktop instead is that I still want to carry it around with me on occasion. Would it be worth my while to get a gaming laptop even if I intend to use it for everything and not just gaming?

User Info: Pyrotechnixxx

3 years ago#2
Why spend more money for features you don't use? Get something with an i7 and a SSD and you'll see more benefit that spending absurd amounts on GPUs that don't do anything for you.
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User Info: monkmith

3 years ago#3
gaming laptops are a stupid waste of money. you end up paying at least twice as much for a system thats often less than half as powerful as a desktop that would cost half the price. beyond that you have a short battery life, a very limited ability to upgrade, and to top it off they often way a lot. if money isn't a problem than just get a regular laptop and splurge on a gaming desktop, far more bang for your buck.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#4

I don't think my changes will pop up in that link but that link is a laptop with the X79 chipset and features including quad channel memory, 6 core processors (The default is a quad), and lots of room for multple HDDs/SSDs and GPUs. With all their holiday specials you can get a 6 core version for about $2100.

If that's not enough power then Eurocom makes Xeon specced 'laptops' but they're beefy as all hell, they're basically mobile servers instead of mobile desktop replacements. They refer to the battery as a UPS instead of a battery which I'm assuming means it only runs for a matter of minutes if it's not plugged in. They're available with 12 core/24 thread CPUs though if that's the kind of power you require.
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User Info: Black_King945

3 years ago#5
I don't think we can give you a good answer unless you tell us what applications you intend to run.

Powerful means to some people high CPU clocks for compiling or rendering, it could also just mean responsive and quick to boot, like a system with an SSD.

What exactly are you wanting to do?
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#6
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