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Have some noob questions, dont flame please. Need people who know PCs.

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  3. Have some noob questions, dont flame please. Need people who know PCs.

User Info: Terantatek

3 years ago#1
1. Is it normal to have a constant 60fps with vsync on and it dips to 54-59fps causing a second of lag? Dragon Age Origins lags for a second in the camp when I run across it, it lags in the middle for a second. This happened frequently in the early camp with Duncan at nighttime.

2. Is it normal for a game to make the tower whine when Vsync is off after a bit? Dragon Age runs quiet with vsync on and has a high pitch sound with it off.

3. Does skyrim always lag for a second every once in awhile for everyone? I was exiting the Dawnguard base,had slight stutter for a few seconds. Then it was a perfect 60fps for about a half minute, but when it loaded a few trees, a wolf and some flowers it dipped to 59fps for a second and ruined my immersion.

Now I know complaining about 59 fps is stupid, but it doesn't feel like a smooth 59 fps, it like literally pushes my character and the screen forward 2 feet. Every game. Now I've read my GPU has issues with skyrim so there's that.

No trolls please, I'm being very honest and just need some kind helpful Christmas advice. I'm not computer smart.

I5 3470 @ 3.6ghz
Sapphire 3gb 7950 @ 925/1150 or OC'd to 1250/1400
8gb ram 1600mhz
1tb 7200rpm 32mb (is this the problem?)

Other games like L4D2, BF4, Civ5, Arkham Asylum never do this though even at max settings...
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User Info: KabtheMentat

3 years ago#2
Yeah, most of that is normal.

What vsync does often is if you dip below 60FPS...say 58FPS, it'll actually drop the FPS to 30, or some other multiple of whatever your Hz your monitor is in order to keep the game "smooth"

With Skyrim, when you go into a new area, it's basically loading in the assets, so sometimes it'll get choppy for a second or two then straighten out.

So turn vsync off for most games unless you get really bad screen tearing IMO.
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User Info: Loshadt

3 years ago#3
Yes, most of those things are normal. FPS dips will happen on occasion when there are sudden spikes usage. Turning off vsync without capping the framerate puts more strain on the hardware, which will make it run hotter and therefore make the fans run louder.

As for 3, that's a common issue with all Gamebryo games. They all run like ass, Skyrim is the least bad but that is by no means a good thing.
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  3. Have some noob questions, dont flame please. Need people who know PCs.

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