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Sonic everywhere pack [amazon]

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User Info: Raven2827

3 years ago#1
just in case people didn't know.
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User Info: mafiafun

3 years ago#2
Worth the purchase if you don't have it. Sonic Generations was pretty awesome.
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User Info: dragon504

3 years ago#3
That's a great bundle, wish I could get it.

User Info: MrMonkhouse

3 years ago#4
Thats a s***load of sonic games...

User Info: wildog2006

3 years ago#5
It's the same price on steam, but they call it the Sonic Hits Collection.
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User Info: zxelman

3 years ago#6
It'd be even more of a steal if it actually stood at 7.50. I'm probably just going to get it either whenever my friend wants to play Racing Transformed, or if it's the last day of the sale.

User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
3 years ago#7
The Steam Overlay doesn't seem to work with the Genesis ports, sadly. But apart from that, I bought this at $15 and it was worth it for everything that wasn't Sonic CD and Sonic Generations that I had already.
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