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Looking For post Christmas gaming laptop deal

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User Info: unlimitedchaos4

3 years ago#1
Hey guys,

I've been looking around a lot for a new gaming laptop in the $700-1000 range. The best I have found so far is the Lenovo Ideapad Y510 model for $899 with the following specs:

Intel i7-4700MQ processor
Nvidia GT755M Graphics Card
15.6" 1920x1080 display
Windows 8.1

My question is if anyone knows of any other good or better deals going on that I should look into before I purchase this one. 1080p gaming is a priority, I like the prospect of having some sort of SSD to speed up start up times and some base load times but it's not required. Any suggestions people have would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

3 years ago#2
Sorry I don't know of any deals but my brother has a similar laptop and it's been great so I would recommend it. And for that price those specs are quite good.
3DS: 5472-7481-8922

User Info: thegreatsquare

3 years ago#3

Best bang4buck option

Mod the VBIOS:

You get numbers like these:
ASUS G73jh i7 720/Mobility HD 5870/6GB DDR3 1404MHz/Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid HDD

User Info: Erg0n

3 years ago#4
checkout for some reviews on those laptops.

if you want portability then you can get that Clevo W230ST / Sager NP7330
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