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which ASS CREED has the best Animus plot?

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  3. which ASS CREED has the best Animus plot?

User Info: Benjamin_Button

3 years ago#1
there can be only one - Results (24 votes)
ass creed 1
29.17% (7 votes)
ass creed 2
25% (6 votes)
ass creed brotherhood
12.5% (3 votes)
ass creed revelations
0% (0 votes)
ass creed 3 : The last of teh mohicans
0% (0 votes)
Ass Creed IV blag flag
33.33% (8 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Pls vote but know that if ur answer in not Ass Creed 4 then your wrong.

AssCreed IV = #getonmylevelgaming

Made me feel like a real pirate and more a badass assassins by not giving a care which is what i want coz im tired of the ORDER and TEMPLARS and blah blah blaj i just want money & power
Macbook Pro Retina i7-3840QM @ 2.8GHz | Nvidia 650m 1GB GDDR5 | 16GB DDR3L Ram | 750GB Flash Storage

User Info: DiviDude

3 years ago#2
Ass Creed 5
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  3. which ASS CREED has the best Animus plot?

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