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AD or AP runes on support Annie?

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User Info: negative4

3 years ago#11
ADC Annie.
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User Info: dr_burger92

3 years ago#12
negative4 posted...
ADC Annie.

Only true answer.
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User Info: Yombiee

3 years ago#13
Slayn posted...
Yombiee posted...
AD will benefit her early game helping to secure easier last hits against minions, but late game it loses it's potential.

AP will benefit her throughout the match, however the returns are minimal at early levels compared to AD.

If you suffer from poor last hitting or a bad early game, try out AD just to help yourself out a little, however if last hits aren't a problem for you, go AP if only to add a little oomph to her abilities.

He said support Annie. Do you even play the game? Why would you ever go AD runes on her, even to last hit? Why are you not last hitting with Q? It refunds the mana cost...

All I read was, "Annie", "Ad", and "Ap".

You really wouldn't go AD over AP, he asked for pros and cons of each however, and I answered that.

Do you have anything substantial to contribute?
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  3. AD or AP runes on support Annie?

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