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Display driver stopped working suddenly. No longer lets me play games.

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  3. Display driver stopped working suddenly. No longer lets me play games.

User Info: Jason_Ryu_3

3 years ago#11
how do I do that? he did it while I wasn't home. My dad paid him to install our home desktop and he decided to overclock my laptop as "free bonus"
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

3 years ago#12
Stop scaring him about the video card dying. It's overheating. The reason you all think it's dying is because if you had a similar experience, you probably just let it overheat too many times and it blew the card.

TC, you need to clean out your PC every few months with a can of compressed air. Get all that dust out, make sure your tower is ABSOLUTELY NOT sitting on carpet or any other clothy material, make sure it is sitting on a cool hard surface and make sure it is well ventilated.

I had this same problem for years, and it turned out it was because my case was way too small. I bought a dell way back in like 2006 when I didn't know anything about computers, and since then I bought a powerful PSU and GPU. It ran games great but I kept getting that stupid error. The screen would go black, flicker a random color on screen, and then the game would resume after about 20 seconds.

It's overheating. Go into your video card's control panel (I forget what the nvidia panel is called, ATI's version is "AMD VISION engine control center" and it will tell you the temperature of your GPU. It should be at about 40*C when idle, and 60-75*C while under heavy load. In the 80s, it's running a little hotter than it should, if it's in the 90s or higher then you have a problem.

If you really don't know what you're doing, take it into a computer store for a thorough cleaning. It's usually like $60-$80 which frankly is a huge waste of money since it's so easy to do, but it's better than frying your card.
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User Info: nIMr0D888

3 years ago#13
/\ that may help... but a card that isn't dying will throttle the gpu clocks not crash the display driver.

User Info: godplaysSNES

3 years ago#14
Try cleaning it from dust. If that doesn't help, there's sadly not much more you can do with a laptop.
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User Info: Man_called_War

3 years ago#15
Unfortunately your graphics card is dying from over heating and there's not much you can do except under-clock it until you can afford to get a new laptop to replace it.
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  3. Display driver stopped working suddenly. No longer lets me play games.

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