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Worst game in your steam library?

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User Info: Giblet_Enjoyer

3 years ago#151
wtf@ not liking Zeno Clash. Literally the perfectish game kind of. Anyways:

A.R.E.S - Clunky as s*** and therefore unfun.

Bastion: Extremely average gameplay that isn't satisfying. The game basically rides on the neat art style, good music and the narrator, who I found annoying as f***. Probably the most polished and artistic game I've ever disliked enough to not bother finishing.

User Info: Kungfu Kenobi

Kungfu Kenobi
3 years ago#152
Infestation: Survivor Stories.

This game seems to be an experiment in how bad they can make something before people just stop playing. Luckily I didn't pay or expect much.
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User Info: Arsene-Lupin

3 years ago#153
I actually have a separate category for awful games--anyone else have one? I've named it "ZZ MISC ZZ" so I never have to look at it.

Mostly, it's filled with Mac versions of games and bets, or obsolete versions of games (like Company of Heroes or Arkham City). The crap games in it are:

Metro 2033
MX vs ATV Reflex

All of which I got through bundles.

The worst game I bought intentionally was Final Fantasy XIV. The worst game I bought intentionally on Steam is probably Jade Empire, because it doesn't ****ing work, or (barring that), Rome 2: Total War, as it's a steaming pile of ****.
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User Info: VeiledGenesis

3 years ago#154
chase1234life posted...
Objectively: Probably Postal 2.

Though I'm sure many would make the argument for Amnesia and Sonic games.

Why would you ever willingly buy Sonic games, especially on PC? The 2D ones can be forgiven, but there is just no logical reason for the 3D games at all.
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User Info: _Marka_Ragnos_

3 years ago#155
Definitely the plethora of prototype games I've gotten from Humble Bundles.
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User Info: seryou101

3 years ago#156
dungeon siege 3
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User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#157
Big pinball (or something like that)

It causes bsod on a lot of pcs
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User Info: SnipeStar

3 years ago#158
ryan0991 posted...
SnipeStar posted...
red faction: guerrilla

I had to hold back tears as I read this.

i had to hold back tears as i played it because its an awful f***ing game
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User Info: Altmadragon

3 years ago#159

That game let me down big time...

I'm a big racing gamer, spent a day getting my g27 to work with the game and then was so disappointed when I really got to play it.
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User Info: psduckie1

3 years ago#160
I don't have any bad games in my Steam library. The "least good" game in my library would have to be Final Fantasy 11, and that's saying something. After all, all of the Final Fantasy games are good!
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