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Cloud vs a Hard Drive?

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User Info: CGoblins

3 years ago#1
What's the difference between cloud and just picking up an external or something? I don't get the draw other than people think it's "THE CLOUD" and worship all that is marketing.

Is it that you can access data on multiple electronics even when not at home? I don't see many average people needing that, but everything is all about The Cloud.
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User Info: Flaktrooper123

3 years ago#2
Cloud is storage outside your home or office, which means you need an internet connection to access it at all. A local storage, like NAS, is of course local. It does not need to be connected to internet, but you probably can't access it from outside your home or office without certain requirements, though you always have access to the hardware itself.

User Info: Shub

3 years ago#3
Oh you mean one of those "cloud" hard drives, not proper cloud storage?
Yes, the goal is to make your data accessible from the Internet.
It's a regular network-connected external hard drive that just happens to connect to the Internet and act as a server. So if you don't need those features, don't bother.
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User Info: EciDemon

3 years ago#4
if you're looking for a large amount of storage for backups say a cloud service could potentially be cheaper.
else it's just nice to have access to files on the go.

I set up my own "cloud storage" via an external harddrive and the router. I can access from any computer and my cellphone when I'm not home.
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