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Hows Spelunky?

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User Info: Marioface5

3 years ago#11
Steamster posted...
That's why you don't get greedy over an idol when you're unsure about the location of shopkeepers.

Random enemies aggroing a shopkeeper falls under that 1% of BS.

Even then, you can learn to kill shopkeepers more effectively, considering it's usually a good idea to kill them anyway.

It's a game that doesn't give a f*** if you're bad at it. You either get good or get dead.

You wanted an example of the game being unfair, so I gave two. I appreciate that the game forces you to improve, but things can be unfair while still being far from impossible.

Steamster posted...
And this is just scrub talk. Please, try to elaborate without being entirely wrong or basing it around personal preferences.. The game isn't perfect, but it's not that far from it.

My skill (or lack thereof) at the game has nothing to do with whether or not it has design flaws. It's been a good while since I last played it, so maybe I'll go play a few runs and get back to you on that. Though I'm not sure how many problems a person can have with a game that don't technically fall under "personal preferences" unless it's completely broken.
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User Info: Tyranius2

3 years ago#12
Didn't know we had a Spelunky marketer around here. Guess they don't have enough money for actual ads

User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#13
It's sad that the Vita version, which was outsourced, is 1000 times more stable than the PC version.

26 hours on the game and I haven't had a single crash. Myself, I highly recommend it.

I can't remember for sure, but I also think there was once a time where I had a shopkeeper become aggressive to me because a random enemy attacked him. It's a good game overall, but there are some serious design issues that keep it from being as great as it could be.

Generally doesn't happen, enemies don't typically bother shopkeepers or damsels.
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