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Why does Bulletstorm get so much hate?

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User Info: AnatomyHorror

3 years ago#11
I didn't care about the cursing I just thought it got repetitive too fast. It was okay for the few hours I played though.

User Info: DieForMotherLand

3 years ago#12
my_name_is_Ed posted...
DieForMotherLand posted...
DV8ingSources posted...
It lost its charm fast for me. Saying Dick is entertaining only so many times. The mechanics were good again for a while but dragged on with nothing new throughout the majority of the game. It was always lasso guy, kick into this, rinse repeat. I understand that most games are repetitive but with the constant score being thrown in your face, it became the focus of the game and to be quite honest, there just wasn't enough there to be the focus.

What they needed was less juvenile writing while still keeping the humor and a more interesting scoring system. Some sort of legitimate progression system would probably have kept me more interested as well... the upgrades were lacking imo.

Have you played any M rated game lately? Pretty much most games M rated games out there has a whole bunch of juvenile profanity in it.

have you played Bulletstorm? the amount of juvenile profanity in it is rediculous

Yes, I played teh game three times and enjoyed every minute.

But trust me, most M rated games today have a bunch of profanity. Do you know how often the S and the F word is overused most M rated games today? As a person who doesn't even use profanity, I know how annoying it gets.
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User Info: jakisthe

3 years ago#13
Bland enemies, weird weapon system (the guns were great, but the ADS was unneeded, the shortness of ammo was against the seemingly natural progression of the guns, and the two weapon limit was just dumb in this kinda game), awful writing, and rather boring levels/scenarios.
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