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my comp and some questions

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User Info: kenshiki

3 years ago#1
hello, i dont usually frequent the pc board as im a console gamer but i just recently decided to upgrade my graphics card for my PC which is coming in the mail this week and was wonder if this is a decent PC to play games like skyrim, the witcher 2, divinity 2 DKS, fallout, and similar games. any feedback is welcome and thanks in advance and lemme know if i left out any vital info!!

OS-win 7 home prem

4GB ram bu will upgrade to 8 very soon,

AMD athlon 2 X4 processor 3.1GHZ

Sapphire HD 7870 2 GB GDDR5 SDRAM

User Info: Flaktrooper123

3 years ago#2
AMD Athlon - Bare minimum
4GB - Bare minimum, 8GB is just about the current recommended amount
7870 - Good
Win 7 is always good

Should be able to run Skyrim on ultra 1080p as long as you don't slap it with too much graphics mods.

User Info: kenshiki

3 years ago#3
cool, thanks for posting :) can wait for the card to come in >_< right now my graphics are integrated so cant play too much other than oblivion and fallout NV on low. and anything less demanding than those


3 years ago#4
Witcher 2 is actually not too hard to run on medium or so settings. It's once you get into high that it suddenly becomes hard to run. You should get your CPU upgraded though.
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