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How much $$ for a good computer?

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User Info: Flen15

3 years ago#1

So lately I've been thinking I may want to invest in a decent gaming PC. It wouldn't have to run new games to the absolute limit or anything, but I'd want it to run things on high settings so everything looks nice with a solid 60+ fps for at least the next couple years or so.

How much should I expect to invest?

I won't need a monitor or OS or anything like that, and I'd be building it myself for maximum bang for buck.

Just a kind of rough estimate is all I'm looking for. You don't have to list full builds with links to parts or anything. I'm not afraid to research everything for myself later.

User Info: daemon_dan

3 years ago#2
about a grand or so will net you high settings for the next couple years, medium or a mix of medium and low
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User Info: thegreatsquare

3 years ago#3
It is more a matter of your budget, if you're building yourself or not and what can be shoehorned into that budget if need be.
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