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Consider FF7

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User Info: monkmith

3 years ago#21
r0ge00 posted...
Haters gonna hate.

TC, If you like JRPGs, you should probably try it out at least once.

this, get VIII too.
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User Info: redrum187

3 years ago#22
Raven2827 posted...
I want to get this game...on steam, it's 6 dollars on amazon right now. Is it worth it? Even in this age? Next 3 months will see tons of new games come out...

Is the story good, that good to warrant purchasing on steam? sells a steam code so go for it.
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User Info: mogexpress1

3 years ago#23
Drastically changed all forms of gaming and marketing for the better, a required play for this fact alone
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User Info: DiehardFFv2

3 years ago#24
Javelin posted...
Raven2827 posted...
it's 6 dollars on amazon right now. Is it worth it? Even in this age?

It wouldn't have been worth it even in 1998. It's quite possibly the most overrated game of all time.

No, that award goes to Ocarina of Time.
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User Info: Golden_Gonads

3 years ago#25
DiviDude posted...
It's pretty much just FF6 with PSX graphics and stereotype anime angst ramped up 1000%.

Please. Every last party character in FF6 other than the little girl has their angst turned up to suicidal levels.
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