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Test Drive Unlimited 2 75% off - no keys

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User Info: stmstr

3 years ago#11
I don't think you get my point at all, but I can't really argue with a man with your particular mentality (to put it politely).

Enjoy waiting for your game. Hope they have keys while it's still on sale so you can feel safe making your purchasing. I'll leave this thread to die, don't think there's anything more to add to it.

User Info: KaiRyusaki

3 years ago#12
You're right, they should do what they did during the max Payne 3 sale and not even TELL YOU they dont have keys ready for it yet.

User Info: d209999

3 years ago#13
Born Lucky posted...
You are ignorant

There's hundreds of people complaining about this on Steam right now.

Steam knew they were out of keys before they put it on a daily deal, and they have no idea when they will get them.

You're ignorant .
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User Info: brotrrwinner

3 years ago#14
How is the online scene nowadays? I logged over 200 hours on it on it's heyday

EDIT: but yeah, no wonder Atari is bankrupt. Even when people WANT to buy their games, they won't sell it
September 21st, 2008
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