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anybody here plays dead space series?

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User Info: oibur

3 years ago#1
ive played the series on the ps3.. last christmas i got some free game codes via origin for dead space 1 and dead space 2.
i was looking around for a scorpion suit for dead space 1 and Severed Dead Space 2.. didnt find any on origin..
is the scorpion suit and Dead Space 2: Severed exclusive for the console version?

User Info: futureops

3 years ago#2
I got 2 and 3.I am only 14,the game scared me a lot.Stopped playing after finishing the campaign.
Happy New Year my fellow gamefaqians!
EA got the best present,they got HACKED!

User Info: ItaSouljah

3 years ago#3
I believe they are

use d3doverider for Dead Space 1 on PC and turn off vsync in the game settings and you will have a good time. Looks better than the console version

Dead Space 2 runs great on PC you will see a big graphical difference

Enjoy the last great horror games that have been released in a while

Don't count Dead Space 3 as horror too action filled to be a horror title still a good game just not great like the first 2
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  3. anybody here plays dead space series?

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