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prnt scrn not working correctly?

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User Info: Mushroom87

3 years ago#1
so i found a bug in Dotpw 2014, and they want a screenshot to prove it, so i load up the game, make the bug happen and hit prnt screen. go into my paint program and hit paste and it seems print screen only copies my desktop and acts like im not running a game.

anybody have a clue as to why this happening?

User Info: Shekb

3 years ago#2
Use the Steam screengrab tool

User Info: zerodefect

3 years ago#3
Use Steams screenshot function.
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User Info: Mushroom87

3 years ago#4
i know that would be a solution, but it does this for all of my games, i tried taking a screenshot of Civ V the other day and had the same results.

User Info: fatali

3 years ago#5
Mystery is the source of all true science.

User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#6
I don't think prntscrn's ever been reliable for 3d titles, hence why most games have their own screenshot function.
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