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Why isn't hair/cloth simulation more prevalent?

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User Info: Bazooka_Penguin

3 years ago#21
neroAngelo posted...
Bazooka_Penguin posted...
Fighting games have been doing hair/cloth simulation for nearly a decade

Which decade old fighters are doing hair/cloth sim?

Dead or Alive 3 at least, pretty sure DoA 2 did it too. Virtua Fighter 4 also had it.

They were just block or chunks or hair that using rope physics I think, but they still looked great compared to the hair helmets we have these days.
Deth Pen

User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#22
Bazooka_Penguin posted...
dekou posted...
Cloth simulation is becoming more prevalent. Decent hair is still a rarity for some reason. It's strange, really, as basic PhysX hair looks decent and runs just fine even on AMD cards, as Alice: Madness Returns demonstrated.

Pretty sure the hair in Alice: MR was a custom solution by the devs.

Not sure whether it was custom or off the shelf but it definitely wasn't PhysX. I only know that because everybody seems to think it's PhysX and I've seen someone explain that it wasn't with a link to what it actually was.
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