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Remember when people said GTA V wasn't gonna come to the PC?

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User Info: MrMonkhouse

4 years ago#1
Where are they now?

User Info: BigB0ss13

4 years ago#2
They're still right unless there is new news about GTA 5 comming to pc

User Info: Boge

4 years ago#3
They're probably on their console boards arguing over which console is better? And the thing about an announcement for GTA V for PC, they're smart to NOT announce anything through the Christmas season because doubters might go out and purchase the console version which means another $60 sale. Every sale counts. There are still a lot of people that probably have gift cards or returns to do and that credit just might go toward a sale.

So don't expect any announcement until at LEAST mid January, probably later. My original guess was that the game would come out August or September of this year. I stand by that, so an announcement would probably happen sometime in Spring.
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User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

4 years ago#4
MrMonkhouse posted...
Where are they now?

Playing better games. Are you still crying about that crap?
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User Info: exclusiveburner

4 years ago#5
You do realize that Rockstar is planning on expanding the main characters stories right? This in my mind more then likely means a DLC announcement showing some awesome stuff that everyone just has to have to get the complete story. Then maybe around March we'll get a PC announcement.

Rockstar is going to milk this thing dry before the PC version hits, and like others have said, I don't expect PC release until September-November. Optimization was a big problem last go round, this time they will make it right.

I already beat the game on PS3, and then I sold my PS3 shortly afterwards. Great game, but really in need of anti aliasing.

User Info: DV8ingSources

4 years ago#6
Whenever they are done with their PS4 and XB1 iterations is when we will get our pc versions. The architecture is practically the same and they'd be foolish NOT to take advantage of the new systems as well. Maybe they are going to add some new content in the form of free dlc so as to not annoy people quite as much.

exclusiveburner posted...
Great game, but really in need of anti aliasing.

And a decent framerate. I also disliked the lack of money acquisition in the game. Not enough customization and semi-broken garage systems. Aside from that, I enjoyed it very much. More GTA but the environment was a blast to play around in. I really hope they add in a proper jetpack, and maybe make some use of the military vehicles.
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User Info: Santa_Gavin

4 years ago#7
I am Santa_Gavin
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#8
Santa_Gavin posted...

Looks legit.
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User Info: Kokuei05

4 years ago#9
Gavino Free

User Info: SilentCaay

4 years ago#10
If it comes to PC, fine. If not, oh well. I really don't care. If R* wants my money they'll have to release on PC. If they don't, I have plenty of other games to play.
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