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Adblock plus doesn't block youtube ads anymore...

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User Info: Last_Grand_Mage

3 years ago#41
Check your ad blocker settings.
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User Info: hitokiri13

3 years ago#42
If only youtube just put ads on the top side while playing the video like in Gamefaqs.

After so many years with Gamefaqs they still have it in the same position. Why can't youtube do the same.
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User Info: killkount

3 years ago#43
sesshomaru_55 posted...
temgun posted...
sesshomaru_55 posted...
Sounds more like an issue with your patience. Doesn't change the fact that it's free for you and the only way they make their money.

I don't have the patience to wait in line at the grocery store so I'll just walk out with my groceries.

Sounds like you are missing the point. We don't want ads. They don't get any money? Well too bad. If it was not free, then I simply wouldn't use it. Ads are one of the main reasons I watch TV so little.

How can you even compare it to a grocery store? I don't know about you, but I go to a grocery store because I need the food from there to live. I don't need free youtube videos to live.

You're missing the point. It's not about the necessity of the product in our lives. Using adblock is the same as stealing. And your justification? "I don't want to watch ads."

>puts out free service
>users are stealing.

LOL! It was their choice to create youtube and allow users to use it for free in the first place. Now all the sudden they need money? I guess they should of thought about that, eh?

User Info: desertman

3 years ago#44
If adblock is stealing, then maybe they should stop stealing my time.

User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#45
From: Pauken | Posted: 1/14/2014 7:51:51 PM | #037
Kokuei05 posted...
From: ThePCElitist | Posted: 1/10/2014 8:21:38 PM | #009
sesshomaru_55 posted...
megamanzero1000 posted...
I read somewhere that the developer got bought out.

More power to him. Can't believe people complain about ads on a FREE service.

I have no patience for 30 second adds for when I want to watch a video that's 2 minutes long. I'm watching youtube not tv.

You can skip the ad after 5 seconds.

That used to be true, but then they started making unskippable 30 second ads, which meant either you used ABP, or you had to sit through the whole ad to see the #%$&ing video.

As for the topic, I've had no issues here with Firefox and ABP (with all filters enabled and unobtrusive ads disabled). You may wanna ditch Chrome and use Firefox, since Chrome's more susceptible to this sort of thing than Firefox (primarily because google is quickly turning to the dark side).

Used to be true? Every youtube video I tried to play on my Nexus 7 had an option to skip after 5 seconds.

User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#46
sesshomaru_55 posted...
More power to him. Can't believe people complain about ads on a FREE service.

When it's a mandatory 10-30s ad that you have to watch any time a video is restarted, whether it's because you changed the quality or because due to having the page up for a long period of time the video somehow stopped working and you have to reload it, it's rather worth complaining about. Some of that might not apply to YouTube, but it does apply to several of the other "free" services out there.

DerPancake posted...
Hilariously when you pay for Cable service and you are forced to watch ADS.

Actually you aren't. With cable TV, and even satellite, you're free to change channels during ads, mute the TV when ads are on and read a book or do something on your computer, or, in the case of DVR-recorded or "on demand" TV, fast forward through said ads.

With the exception of muting the ad and doing something else none of that is available with internet ads, and there are sites out there that do things like pause ad timers when the browser window loses focus so that even muting the ad and doing something else might not be an option for much longer.

sesshomaru_55 posted...
Using adblock is the same as stealing. And your justification?

There are three small problems preventing your logic train from leaving the station.

#1 Preventing ads from being displayed is not the same as removing something from the possession of its owner without said owner's permission or consent.

#2 Preventing ads from being displayed on your PC is a legitimate security measure given the prevalence of compromised ads used to run things like the "FBI Moneypak" scam.

#3 Preventing the transfer of data from an outside source to your PC isn't even in the same national forest much less the same ballpark as obtaining data that you do not own the copyright to so you can't even try Insane Troll Logic Fu to work out "Ad Block = piracy = theft."

Kokuei05 posted...
You can skip the ad after 5 seconds.

If the ad takes longer than 60 seconds you can usually skip it after 5 on many streaming video services, but for most of them if it's 30s or faster skipping them is impossible.
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#47
Now I'm not going to say that content and service providers who provide their content or services for free aren't entitled to some compensation, but when their methods of compensation become too obnoxious the end users are entitled to fight back by any and all legal means. Before someone comments on how not obnoxious many ads on YouTube might be consider this scenario.

You load up a video. A 30 second ad which you cannot skip plays through, and then your video starts. You watch it all the way through to the end and decide to replay it. You now have to sit through yet another ad if you didn't already sit through a second ad at the end of the video as post-video ads started cropping up years ago.

So by the point you start watching the video a second time you've watched at least two ads, possibly three, and potentially had to close one or more "annotation" ads while watching the video. All of that, mind you, is using up more of your bandwidth allowance, which you have for the sake of this scenario, whereas replaying the video does not. In effect in order to watch a video twice you are being charged more than twice.

Then there are, as I pointed out earlier, the legitimate security concerns over compromised or out and out intentionally harmful ads. I've had to clean that "FBI Moneypak" crap off of three PCs in the last year, and I really do not look forward to having to clean up the mess after something even more obnoxious and harmful.

No matter how up to date you keep Flash, Java, and any other software that might be used to penetrate your computer new forms of breaching your security will still pop up, and many security packages can not only do nothing to stop this from happening they also can't help you in cleaning up the problem. Furthermore there have even been incidents where updates open security holes in this software.

Simply put you're not going to bet your body's health on your immune system alone when you have sex with a pickup from a bar, right? Adblock is merely a condom for the internet.

Edit: Also, for reference two of those Moneypak "infections" came from ads displayed on the site.
"Before I send them to hell, I shall let them see heaven." - Claptonvaughn,

User Info: cancerstorm

3 years ago#48
ads are the f***ing worst when watching videos on my phone

luckily i rooted it and put adblock on it otherwise the internet would be insufferable

User Info: DARQ MX

3 years ago#49
sesshomaru_55 posted...
megamanzero1000 posted...
I read somewhere that the developer got bought out.

More power to him. Can't believe people complain about ads on a FREE service.

cause it is super annoying, and stupid and a waste of time. Don't be one of those people who are like.. "ohh you gotta watch ads" cause internet businesses are dying or some bull.

Honestly. I don't see what is so hard about the ad being on the side of the video or the page not force you all nazi style to watch a ad before you get your content. At least with TV you can DVR... OH WAIT... DVR is the reason why commercials are having a hard time getting tv time too now right? Oh the economy. What should we dooooooooooooooo
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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#50
I think I've always had issues with Adblock not working right in Chrome on Google-based websites. It's like Google somehow bypasses Adblock and forces you to see ads on sites they own. Suffice to say I don't use Chrome. Google in general is seriously trying my patience.
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