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What is your favorite computer case?

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User Info: Takusho

3 years ago#31
^ What are the odds ahahaha.

User Info: dennis941012

3 years ago#32
bump for aesthetic :L

User Info: BatenKaitos72

3 years ago#33

My current case and I love it.
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User Info: bkkorps

3 years ago#34

love the extra wide design, as it makes the motherboard area feel less cluttered. Every time in the past that I have bought a case, I always told myself that next time I build a computer I would reuse it, and for the first time I think I will be able to keep that promise.
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#35
Every case I've ever used had something about it that annoyed the crap out of me.
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User Info: SilentCaay

3 years ago#36
My lovely and elegant Corsair Obsidian 650D:

Only thing I'd change about it is adding a USB 3.0 mobo header connecter for the front ports instead of the extension cables it has. The feet could also be made of less cheapo plastic but, whatever.
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User Info: blankempathy

3 years ago#37
Eventually I'll get one of these

I'm enjoying my new fractal r4 though. Incredibly quiet at 27 db on average I sometimes forget its even on.
I like video games.

User Info: CELTEKK

3 years ago#38
Nzxt phantom 410 pearl white. Beautiful. Spacious.
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User Info: Sergei_Dukanov

3 years ago#39
My NZXT phantom full tower is a lot nicer with a side window now, but I am wanting something simple that is white, dont know why, but I am attracted to white and lighter cases.
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
3 years ago#40
Haf X - Blue Edition is a very nice looking case, well wroth the money too. It's huge and really well made
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