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11 years of magic the gathering, and 6 months of hearhstone beta. my thoughts.

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  3. 11 years of magic the gathering, and 6 months of hearhstone beta. my thoughts.

User Info: cainism25

3 years ago#1
There is one problem with trading card games that will never be fixed. I love Hearthstone to death but it is suffering from massive "everyone has the same deck build and counter-deck build" disease.

There are not enough cards in this game yet in my opinion. One thing about magic the gathering is all the different formats and massive different amounts of cards and strategies one can implement.

That being said I still think hearthstone is more fun to play than MtG. The only good thing about card games anymore is sealed play, drafts, or in hearthstone it is called Arena mood. Where everyone is on a open playing field. Deck building becomes very strategic but even then there is a little luck of getting good cards randomized for your pick.

fun games - don't take it to seriously. also you have to be Druid or Paladin with quite a few legendary cards to be ranked in top 20 of Hearthstone right now, its quite broken, and they have yet to nerf Paladin.
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User Info: BizzyBrm27

3 years ago#2

User Info: thrashmetal59

3 years ago#3
MTG is still fun if you have a very close circle of friends who all understand each other.

In my group we all have you different play styles, and even when two or three decks are the same (Goblin, Zombie, Kithkin, Angel, Mill Deck, Life Deck, ect) they still play completely differently.

I was the first person in my group to come up with the idea of a "Curse Deck" using curses from the Innistrad and Dark Ascension series along with a few walls here and there, some manabarbs, and Bitterheart Witches.

My friends all made their own variations and they were still all different.

point being...I need to try Hearthstone.

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User Info: Cool_Dude667

3 years ago#4
BizzyBrm27 posted...

You sound like that one kid who was too annoying to play MTG with back in elementary school.
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User Info: urtv

3 years ago#6
magic was fun until my bfm got washed away in a flood even though its a banned card

User Info: r0ge00

3 years ago#7
The lack of instants and other reactionary cards kinda kills Hearthstone for me.

User Info: popping4it

3 years ago#8
BizzyBrm27 posted...

first reply perfection.
whens mahvel?

User Info: fakewars

3 years ago#9
Yugioh is much better than all that
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User Info: saltedham

3 years ago#10
around 13 years of mtg for me. the game has changed. game was faster back then. wizards now has planeswalker fever. pretty much only mythics (newer rarity) are worth anything. blue still is king among colors. i was playing type 2 when jace the mind scultpor was in. terrible times. the price of cards has skyrocketed to unbelievable prices. jace the mind sculptor was over 100. back in the day 20 was an expensive card, like masticore or rishaden port.
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  3. 11 years of magic the gathering, and 6 months of hearhstone beta. my thoughts.

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