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Be Prepared on Paying More to your ISP for Surfing, Playing Online

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User Info: Shub

3 years ago#31
MarceloSampaio posted...
Bowsaa posted...
MarceloSampaio posted...
-Only the more expensive cars in here have automatic transmission;

Why would you want an automatic? :|

More comfortable, easier to drive. :p

I view driving as merely utilitarian, i.e. getting me from point A to B when I can't go on foot or take public transportation, other than that I pretty much hate it, and an automatic transmission makes my life less miserable when I'm driving.
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

3 years ago#32
I used to drive quite a lot, actually, since I was a driver for the company I work. 10 or so solid hours of driving made my life a living hell, specially since here where I live, transit sucks, and I have to change gears all the time (sometimes, I use only the first 3 gears for hours and hours...).

Things got a little better when the company bought an automatic Honda Civic. I loved the Automatic Transmission, since it made my job easier, more comfortable.

Now I'm doing office work, so I don't have to drive a LOT (only 2 hours a day). Yet, I HATE cars with manual shift... but I can't buy one with automatic (specially because here in Brazil, a vehicle like the Honda Civic isn't considered affordable by 80% of the population :p).
Brazil, country where the World Cup is more important than a basic health system...

User Info: crawdad

3 years ago#33
Sucks because TWC basically owns this area, and Verizon is the only competitor and both have openly pushed for this to happen.

Sometimes it sucks so much that the US allows for this to happen. We're giving up more governemtn control to give Corporations more control.

it's like the governemtn, while lame and corrupt for the most part, still had power over corporations or to protect the people. Now we're relinquishing that because big governments re teh bad and giving it to the big fuzzy wuzzy corporations.

this really sucks.
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User Info: NateD_87

3 years ago#34
I think that some ISPs are likely to do as we fear and start prioritizing services, double dipping their charges for bandwidth, and so on.... all in the long run. It probably won't happen overnight.

But there will still be small companies that won't go down this path, or maybe some newcomers that will disrupt the market, much like T-Mobile is doing (or at least trying to do) today. Consumers can vote with their wallets.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#35
From: Born Lucky | #019
No forced "equality" from the government necessary.

this quote from the same guy as
From: Born Lucky | #006
Yeah, well the day I become a masochistic wimp, who's afraid to speak up when I see something wrong, maybe I'll take your advice and be a chicken **** that's afraid to speak, but that day ain't here yet.

This quote.

In other words, net neutrality is stupid and Early Access is the devil.

tagged and bagged...

User Info: BannanaBomb2002

3 years ago#36
Altmadragon posted...
Conker posted...
Luckily everywhere I've moved for nearly the past 4 years I've gotten faster speeds with my unlimited Verizon smartphone plan than I have with the local ISP's (without paying out the ass). Currently have 30Mbps home internet but the pings are terrible (always in the 150+ range, while my phone gets me under 100, and depending on location even down to the 30-50s).

So I don't plan on getting rid of my Verizon plan anytime soon, works great even with home internet and I know I always have the service.

It's sad having moved from home, college, and a couple other rural locations in Michigan, to Alaska, to Hawaii, and still preferring the LTE service on my f***ing phone over Charter, Time Warner, and the local Alaska companies with caps (well, LTE had just gotten up there shortly before I moved, but it was still better).

But but but hawaii has clearwire lol, jks

Oh god I hated clearwire....

Clearwire is the devil; I was stuck with it for almost a year in military tech school. Cable prices for DSL speeds.
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User Info: R_Jackal

3 years ago#38
They threw out the laws.

But, I genuinely doubt much will change. Why is that? Even where I live, in the middle of nowhere, I have access to three different ISPs. Competition is a pretty strong argument in this case.

If one major company is offering service with additional charges for netflix and whatnot, and the one down the street decides: Hey, this has been working for us, so whatever. No reason to change it. What do you think happens? Even a small difference in access charges tips the scales a huge amount in this.

So while yes, there is the potential for tyrannical ISP's charging more and controlling internet traffic and whatnot, you have to ask yourself: At this point, people know what they want, what they're getting, etc. You REALLY think these companies will risk massive backlash and drop in customers?

If there is a change, it likely won't be a huge one. It'll be some groaning and whatnot, but I doubt it'll be terrible.

Why do I know this?

Well, i'm a born and raised US Citizen. We love money. We don't love anything BUT money as a country. We love it so much that we use it even when we don't have it. We're like drug addicts. What we don't like is being forced to pay more, and the simple fact is--even with all this like FiOS and 50+mb Internet Speeds and whatnot, the majority of the people using that really don't need that much speed behind their internet to get the level of service they want. When they realize that, especially after being charged more, there'll be some issues.

If they can get away with it with the competition doing the same? Sure, they will. But I really doubt every single company will hop on board the same charges and plans.

User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#39
Lootman posted...
Hello from England.
I have no idea what this topic is about.

#1 response from people who actually let their government take away their guns.
You'll be my John G.

User Info: R_Jackal

3 years ago#40
On a different note, there's a lot of potential for bad here, I won't deny that: I just have to say a lot of these assumptions are foolish.

People buy higher tier internet in order to use these services--Netflix, Hulu, PSN, XBL, Steam, Origin, and all of the other assorted streaming services/websites and whatnot.

If service is going to be poor to them anyway, people downgrade or drop service--they can't get what they want anyway. If the price goes up too much for the service too much on their cable bill or netflix monthly sub, they'll drop it because it's not worth it any more.

While the laws may be gone, and while I'm sure some ISPs will be stupid about this, for the majority of us this isn't going to be a huge hit. Does that mean we should just let it slide by? Of course not. Net Neutrality should be maintained. On the other hand, its effects are already well set in peoples minds and business models. Drastic changes(One person said something like I hope we don't have to buy online passes for every game or some such) would be an incredibly stupid business move on these companies ends.

Believe it or not, no one is OBLIGATED to have a connection to the internet yet. It may make things very convenient, and maybe some people that have to do a lot of conferencing and whatnot for jobs could argue it--but there's actually a phone service for that, and it's not expensive.

So no, the worst this can do isn't tacking on more charges and tyranny. The worst this can do is something far worse than that even, which is set the entire internet industry back because of stupidity.
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