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I feel like Crysis 3 was unfairly maligned

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  3. I feel like Crysis 3 was unfairly maligned

User Info: Monkeymage

3 years ago#1
While it doesn't have the same free-form approach to the levels as the original, it did a much better job at providing large sandbox-ish arenas than Crysis 2 did. There are a lot of weapons, all of which are customizable, and the suit upgrades are better/more varied/more useful than the ones in 2.

The environments, of course, were beautiful, and pretty fun to explore.

I would say the major negatives would be that there was a lack of vehicle segments, and about half of them just shove you in a turret. I would have enjoyed flying a VTOL again. Also, thereare a lot of aspects about the story that don't make sense.

What happened to Alcatraz? Did the suit/Prophet rewrite his DNA and erase his concsciousness/memories to make him be Laurence Barnes again? If so, that's kinda messed up.

Did this game pretty much just get hated on because of EA?
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User Info: zhenghan

3 years ago#2
wasn't it just a benchmark and not a game?
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User Info: pitt12177

3 years ago#3
zhenghan posted...
wasn't it just a benchmark and not a game?


User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#4
I quite like the multiplayer in Crysis 3. It's nice when you need a change up from the typical mp shooters. I haven't really got into the campaign, just started it up to see it looks pretty...I'll finish Crysis 2 one day but the game is so dull.
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User Info: DiviDude

3 years ago#5
I thought the game started out fine; it was basically just a continuation of Crysis 2.

But once the maps became larger the game kinda fell apart. It was as if the maps were designed with no consideration given to whether they actually gelled with the gameplay. Stealth became useless and strategy and tactics were no longer worth thinking about because it was all a chaotic mess anyway. The hive mind AI didn't help. Just run and gun, nothing else holds up anymore. And my god were those boss fights ever poorly done.

Did not enjoy, even with low expectations since I wasn't impressed by first two games either (although I at least enjoyed the other two somewhat.)

User Info: Jprime666

3 years ago#6
It really wasn't that great.

The bow and binoculars were were extremely overpowered.

Weapon variety was almost as generic as every other modern military shooter. The occasional alien heavy weapon was all that differentiated it at all. But even they were pretty generic. There was an alien minigun, sniper and grenade launcher as I recall.

Ea expected people to pay $60 for a game you could beat in 4 hours. With 1 of those hours being devoted to cutscenes and waiting for pyscho to do things for you.

The story was laughably bad

Being forced to slowly follow psycho around and wait for him to open doors for your superhuman ass was a painfully bad way for them to pad out an already very short game.

Worth 7.50 if you want a pretty game to kill a few hours with.
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User Info: ShadowGomamon

3 years ago#7
Campaign was indeed awful, I'm glad I didn't buy it.

User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#8
My problem with the whole Crysis series is that I don't really think any of them are that fun to play.
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User Info: kingoffps

3 years ago#9
^^ That's fair enough. I personally enjoy them loads (the first game the most though - that will never get beaten by any potential sequels).

The whole "it's just a benchmark" thing is annoying. They are in fact games despite what anyone says.

But I agree that Crysis 3 is too easy and I agree with the bloke above that the bow and binoculars are complete game breakers.
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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#10
I thought the 3rd game was arguably the best in the series from a gameplay perspective, even if the bow did make it too easy (silent one-hit-kills without breaking cloak? LOL OK).

The problem is no one seems to be able to judge this game on its own.
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