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Games like Golden Sun?

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Pow Pow Punishment 3 years ago#21
Grandia II also got a PC port.
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User Info: agentjonny2579

3 years ago#22
SleepComa posted...
Slayn posted...
Good sir, I implore you to join the PC+3DS Master Race. You get the best of both worlds. Want the best graphics, multiplayer, sales, and control scheme? Play on your PC. Get that JRPG/Mario itch? Whip out the 3DS.

You will never need to buy a home console.

But none of those can cure my Super Smash Brothers Brawl itch!!!!!

PC can emulate the Wii. 3DS eventually will get the new SSB.


User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#23

$5 for Two Worlds Epic Edition, Two Worlds 2 with the pirate expansion, Enclave, Gorky 17 (aka Odium), and Septerra Core ATM. Of all of them I've only played Septerra Core and Two Worlds, and while I wasn't too impressed with Two World's lack of character customization (i.e. only male characters) or its poor performance (worse frame rates than Oblivion despite comparable graphics) if you consider it as spending $5 for Septerra Core (which is what it costs on Steam ATM) with all the other games for free it's a great deal.

I will point out that Septerra Core might have JRPG art, but the combat mechanics are more "old school" in that damage calculations have more in common with games like the NES RPGs such as the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest lines where stats had no impact on magic performance. That in spite of how many if not most other RPGs released at around the same time as Septerra Core were designed so that character attributes could affect the performance of your spells. It also falls in the "healing hurts the undead" school which makes one particular spot in the game totally freaking awesome for power leveling; it's not quite but almost like The Peninsula from Final Fantasy.

I'll grant that I suggested it, but the mechanics were somewhat dated even when it was released, the voice acting is a bit stilted, game animations (from what I recall) seemed choppy, combat options were most definitely limited, magic could be a chore to cast despite not always (rarely in my opinion) being worth it. Still, in spite of all that made it a "B movie" of a game it was fun and engaging. Kinda wish I'd beaten it before I stopped playing it last time. /shrugs.

tl;dr It's worth the $5 for that bundle or straight off of Steam, but even by the standards of the time it was released I'm not sure it would be worth more than the $5 it costs now. If you're at all curious about it you should snag the bundle since it's possible that even if it turns out you don't like it one of the other games might pique your interest.
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User Info: ThePCElitist

3 years ago#24
aak57 posted...
Hi C posted...
chris121691 posted...
Are there any games for pc that are remotely like this?

No loli JPRGs on PC with zero difficulty that I can think of.

(and that's a good thing)

chibi != loli
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