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Seriously, is Terraria any good/fun?

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  3. Seriously, is Terraria any good/fun?

User Info: BigB0ss13

3 years ago#1

User Info: Greendragon854

3 years ago#2
I didn't like it. Everyone else seems to
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User Info: Shub

3 years ago#3
It is.
If you like it.
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User Info: CrapFactory

3 years ago#4
Get Starbound.

It is a bit rough as it's an Early Access game. However it seems to be going places. If you don't mind some occasional bugs Starbound gives you more. Oh, there's a character wipe happening soon too so starting Starbound after the next patch would be best.
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User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#5
not as fun as starbound.

User Info: Bekness

3 years ago#6
Meh. For a while.

Never played Starbound, f*** early access games.
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User Info: staleyoption

3 years ago#7
Get a few friends playing on skype or whatever you use and its a blast. Some of my best times gaming have been 5+ hour sessions of terraria with a couple buddies. Heaps of content i've sunk around 50 hours in the last few months which aint bad for $2.5.

Playing by yourself can be pretty boring imo. I played enough to kill the first 3 bosses solo but got bored of digging by myself.

User Info: AirTease

3 years ago#8
Not my cup of tea but a lot of my friends love it.

Depends if you like games like that or not.

User Info: JKatarn

3 years ago#9
Seriously, look at the numerous reviews, gameplay videos etc.....seriously.
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User Info: OrgeLambart

3 years ago#10
my kids seem to like it, although I don't see the appeal.
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  3. Seriously, is Terraria any good/fun?

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