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User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

3 years ago#11
I asked this question about 6 months ago.
Someone linked a rather neat .jpg

I needed a wireless mouse, wound up getting the G700.
It's decent. Many buttons (and apparently shot up in price since I got it, the newer model is now less expensive the G700s)
People will state that it isn't that great of a gaming mouse because of it's wirelessness and the fact it is a laser instead of optical.
I like it.


3 years ago#12
Just for info I typed this up

Good shape is subjective, and how you hold a mouse depends on your specific anatomy and habits. I typed up a list of available mice with good (not perfect as some people claim) sensors.

Mice with good sensors:
-Microsoft WMO 1.1 (Sensor: STMicroelectronics OSMLT04. Though only 400 DPI and max perfect tracking speed of about 1.5 m/s when overclocked to 500hz or more)
-Microsoft IMO 1.1 (Sensor: STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04).
-Microsoft IME 3.0 (Sensor: STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04).
-Zowie FK, AM (Sensor: Avago ADNS 3090. Though some people mention a noticeable delay on the 450 DPI setting, other noticeable thing is the super low lift off distance).
-Zowie EC1/EC2 eVo & CL (Same sensor as the FK and AM, implemented in the same way).
-Razer Deathadder 3G aka 1800 (Sensor: Avago ADNS-S3668, you may have to update the firmware to remove prediction)
-Razer Deathadder 3.5G (Sensor: Avago ADNS S3888, Some may need a firmware update to fix a jittering issue, has a fairly high lift off distance which can be addressed with the "tape fix")
-Razer Abyssus (Sensor:Avago ADNS S3888, older firmware have jittering. Firmware can't be updated, so you need to buy a recent model)
-Logitech G400 (Sensor:Avago ADNS 3095, first generation had prediction and the Avago 3080E sensor. You need a PID above LZ13333 for a G400 without this problem)
-Logitech G400s (Sensor: Avago ADNS S3095)
-Steelseries Kana V2 (Avago ADNS 3090, very high lift off distance that can be addressed with the tape fix)

Other mice that maybe deserve some consideration:
Mionix Avoir 7000 (Sensor:Avago ADNS 3310, has smoothing, jitter at higher DPI settings)
Cooler Master Storm Spawn (Sensor: Avago ADNS 3090. Some firmware issues that impacted performance, not sure what has been addressed and fixed, and what has not)
Steelseries Rival (sensor:Avago ADNS 3310)

Common problems that these mice avoid:
-Acceleration (Both distance traveled and speed with which the mouse was moved affects the distance the cross-hair on the screen moves)
-Prediction (Also known as "angle snapping". The sensor removes very small movements from the tracking, ignoring for example small deviations from a mostly straight line)
-High lift off distance. Not all listed mice avoid this (The distance the mouse need to be lifted from the mousepad to make the mouse stop tracking)
-Low max perfect tracking speeds. Not all listed mice avoid this (The maximum speed with which the mouse can be used where the trackign still stays perfectly accurate. Usually lower than malfunction/skipping speed)
-Lag/delay. Not all listed mice avoid this on all DPI settings (A slight delay between mouse input and your cross-hair on the screen)
-Jitter. Not all listed mice avoid this on all DPI settings (your crosshair does not follow mouse-movement exactly, but slightly moves in directions away from where it is supposed to go, making it "shaky" or "twitchy")

Examples of popular mice that do not make the cut when it comes to the performance of the sensor:
-G500/G9X (avago ADNS-9500 with acceleration)
-RAT7 (Philips twin eye sensor with z-axis problem)

The mouse that suits my anatomy and playstyle best is a "glossy" Deathadder. The glossy finish works better for me than all those rubberized or textured coatings. Glossy deathadders are those silly special 3.5G's that razer released (like the transformers version). I think they look like ass but they are cheap, and I can not ignore how well they work for me.

Other mice I really like, but had to give up using due to lingering pain/discomfort are smaller lighter ambidextrous mice, like the Zowie FK.
I5 3570 | GTX 760 | FILCO Majestouch 2 tenkeyless | Deathadder 3.5G full gloss | Asus Xonar DGX | Kingston 120 GB SSD | Sennheiser HD 518 | Samsung S24A350H
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