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How much worse is Dead Space 3?

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User Info: nIMr0D888

3 years ago#11
- Input lag was non existent for me, not sure about acceleration though as it doesn't bother me.

- Game runs very well at 60FPS

- Weapon building system is awesome once you figure it out

To get the most out of this game I highly recommend playing it in Coop as the experience is unique to just playing it by yourself.

User Info: Dark_Spiret

3 years ago#12
performance is fine. combat is still fun, coop is fun, the weapon crafting is fun.

everything else ranges from poor to mediocre. story and characters suck. 2/3rds of the campaign is dull, lacks atmosphere and in general doesnt feel like DS at all. the areas and enemies are horribly reused with tons of padding everywhere. the coop while fun is pretty lazily implemented.

Overall its still a solid action game, but pretty poor in comparison to the second game. If you can get it real cheap its worth a spin.
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User Info: Rawe

3 years ago#13
Unfortunately I missed it on the Humble Bundle.
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User Info: pokechampion

3 years ago#14
I enjoy playing it, it's a decent game, I love the DS trilogy, one of my all time favorite survival horror franchise, not as good as 1 and 2, but it's still good
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User Info: JonWood007

3 years ago#15
It's pretty generic.

Also, the second half of the game has a horrid habit of throwing 1209129292 enemies at you at once every 5 seconds, to the point it gets rage inducing after a while. DS1 and DS2 had MOMENTS like this, but the entire second half of DS3 felt like it just kept doing this over, and over, and over, and over again.
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