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Home Theater System for PC

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User Info: blogoroga

3 years ago#11
your best bet is to get one off craigslist, you can find a decent one for like 200 on CL, people throw those things out all the time. As for bluetooth, you can just hook in an aux plug if it bothers you that much or have an app that plays music from your computer which is already hooked up to the theater.
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User Info: Polskihammer

3 years ago#12
= |

User Info: doctoglethorpe

3 years ago#13
All I can do is recommend what I use because its the only set up I know actually works and sounds amazing instead of being a mess of a toilet that doesn't flush the right direction passing itself off as a home theater set.

Actually, one note, don't buy all-in-one systems. That one with a bluray player would be useless for hooking up other devices to. You need a reciever for digital decoding and multiple inputs. Best to buy speakers separately too, you want to get da best around.

Reciever: Pioneer VSX-523

Speakers: Polk TL150 5.0 Set

Subwoofer: Polk PSW-108

I got the speakers and subwoofer for about $75 less each though. Speakers are still worth that price but the sub probably isn't, comparable stuff is cheaper now.

Whatever you do, I suggest trying to find them in a store you can do returns in. Finding what sounds great to you is the most important thing. I went through several arrangements before I stuck with those. Some speakers just sound too piercing, some sound too muddled, some subwoofers are weak, others too overpowering (I tied a sony that literally make me feel sick, sent that crap back same day). Gotta find, like, that balance, man.

User Info: Flaktrooper123

3 years ago#14
Best speakers usually comes from specialized speaker companies. Don't get Sony or Philips or those common brand stuff. Cheap subwoofers also like to mask their inability to response to low tones by bumping up the high bass to make it sound 'powerful'.
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