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Does it really cost $2000+ for a "simple" ecommerce website/store?

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  3. Does it really cost $2000+ for a "simple" ecommerce website/store?

User Info: hotgirlsarehot

3 years ago#1
Some web designer/master/whatever, quoted me $2500 for a relatively basic webstore/site, since I want to launch a clothing website with 20 items or less. I didn't reply back, but isn't he basically high balling me?

User Info: Robman5000

3 years ago#2
That is pretty high. The company I work for got a local guy to do our website for $1300. The number of items is trivial, really, since once the layout and everything is done, adding items is easy as pie.
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User Info: Cllerj

3 years ago#3
2000+ sounds a bit expensive for what you're doing. You could just use Weeblys webstore feature and just buy a domain name and switch it. You could also use Etsy but I'm not sure how that works.
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User Info: g7g7g7g7

3 years ago#4
That is crazy money, I'm in the process at the minute and I've got a pretty good thing going with wix, you get professional results and way more control over your content than just paying someone to do it but that is way too high.

Start by sticking some items on a feature listing on etsy if its clothing, there are a couple of other specialist craft clothing web retailers that will list your stuff too.
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User Info: Psythik

3 years ago#5
Damn, I should start charging for my web services.
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User Info: YukitoRambo

3 years ago#6
I'd say that's cutthroat. That guy is either a really famous designer, or just a je-- I MEAN the same kind of scumbag who charges 40 bucks to install free antivirus into your PC.
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User Info: elsmitty

3 years ago#7
yea f*** that guy.
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User Info: drewh

3 years ago#8
That's not expensive. A webstore needs HTTPS, and the certificate alone costs hundreds of dollars. Not to mention designing a secure database for customer info, stock, etc.
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User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#9
It depends on the quality of the website. If it's something decent from the ground up, that's not even remotely expensive. If it's just setting something up through an existing service then yeah it might be, in that case you can do that yourself.

The number of items could make a difference if he's building your database as well, but you would want to make sure there's an automated way for you to enter items into it as well.

Web design isn't cheap at all. Especially when it's database driven and requires security. If you want something cheap setup an eBay shop or something.
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User Info: R_Brock

3 years ago#10
It really depends. If you want everything completely custom, then no. And ideally for $2500 you would be able to add and manage the products yourself through a control panel/admin area. Plus for a store you have to deal with security and payments and a laundry list of other things that stores are sort of expected to have, and all these features really add up because they take some time, and time is money.

Also the web dev might not really want to do it. I would high ball people when I felt like the project might be a waste of time. Someone wants me to do a ton of custom work for pittance (because HTML is easy), they want a website on a whim, and next week that whim will be past. All sorts of reasons one might high ball you. Or he might just be that good and can charge a premium for his services.

The other problem is your expectations of price. There's a lot of advertisement for very cheap web services that colors your perceptions about how much things ought to cost. McWebsites can be had for a pittance. The problem is, they're a McWebsite, and that may not be what you want. If you want a good quality meal, you go to a good quality restaurant, you just won't be paying McDonald's prices. But if $6 is all you ever want to spend when you go out, then you're going to be limited to fast food.

It doesn't hurt to shop around and take bids on your website. But sometimes the axiom, "You get what you pay for" is valid. If you don't know how to do something yourself (or don't want to) you pay someone else to do it. And sometimes you pay that person a lot if you want it done right. And sometimes you pay the person a lot because you didn't do due diligence. And sometimes you pay one person less to try and get a good deal, and sometimes that works. And other times you pay another person more to fix the mess the first person created.

TL:DR; Shop around with different web developers to see what you can get for X dollars. The web dev guy probably isn't trying to hose you. He either just charges that much because he can/he's worth it. Or because he doesn't want to say no, but doesn't want to do your project. my perpetually unfinished website.
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