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Have you ever tried to use a non mouse device as your daily pointing device?

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  3. Have you ever tried to use a non mouse device as your daily pointing device?

User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#11
Not as a daily device, but I've used my iPod as a trackpad to control my computer while laying in bed.
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User Info: superdarkshadow

3 years ago#12
When I was younger, we had a trackball instead of a regular mouse for our computer and I use the touchpad on my laptop a lot because it works well with Windows 8 gestures, but nothing too exotic.
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User Info: ForeverZero2

3 years ago#13
i used a xbox 360 controller as a mouse with xpadder for a while
it was ok since the only thing i wanted to do was play emulated games but when you have to do anything else, yeah, it just awful

User Info: Kalammer

3 years ago#14
I've been using various models of Logitech's thumb-operated track balls since 1998. Currently using the M570.

I didn't mind the using the trackpoint stick on a few laptops, it was vastly superior to almost all trackpads. And as far as trackpads go, the only one I didn't mind using was the one on my Unibody MBP.
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User Info: animanganime

3 years ago#15
I use my phone to controll XBMC from my couch
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User Info: Bikes-

3 years ago#16
I use a controller if I'm just watching something from my bed since the wire is far longer.
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User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

3 years ago#17
Anything is fine provided you get used to it. Heck you don't even need such a device if you know how to use your keyboard.
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User Info: whiteninja2000

3 years ago#18
PS3 controller and xpadder. Not as bad as it sounds when set up correctly. This was for an attempt at an htpc before I just decided to use xbmc instead.

User Info: R_Brock

3 years ago#19
The wife used her Wacom tablet exclusively as a mouse back in the day, on her Mac. I could never get the hang of it outside of photoshop. my perpetually unfinished website.

User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#20
I have a wireless keyboard with a touch pad on it I use when I'm on the couch watching videos.
It is a real pain in the ass trying to do much else with it compared to my mouse.
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  3. Have you ever tried to use a non mouse device as your daily pointing device?

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