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What are the games you spent a lot of playing time on? (30-100+ hours)

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  3. What are the games you spent a lot of playing time on? (30-100+ hours)

User Info: Chaos_Missile

3 years ago#101
About 50% of my games are RPGs, so they tend to have some playtime.

Most recently:-
KoA:Reckoning - 90+
Class of Heroes - 95+
Persona 3 Portable - 140+
Unchained Blades - 90+

Also included are likely:-
Ys 7 - 40+
C&C series - I play skirmish alot in addition to the story, so 80+?
Etrian Oydessy 3 - I sporadiacally play it, but considering Stratum 4, at least 30?
Pokemon series - avg 45+ hours between HG, FR, LG, Pearl, Platinum, White, BlazeBlack, White 2, Ruby, Emerald, Blue, Red, Yellow, Gold
MMBN series - avg 50+ hours?
AoE3 - like C&C, I've played alot of skirmishes, so at least 40+?
SC - skirmish + alot of Map Editor
WC2, WC3 - 40+?
WoW - I spent an avg 5 hours a day over the 1 month period I played it so....
Hexyz Force - 40+?
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology - about 50+ between 2 characters
Phantasy Star Portable 2 - about...160+ hours between 4-5 characters
AlbertOydessy: Legend of Eldean - about 120+ hours between 2-3 playthroughs
Warriors Orochi 2 - completed all stories, collected a few Lvl 4 weapons, have about a dozen or so character at lvl 20+ with my most used approaching lvl 40 IIRC so...about 50+ hours?
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User Info: Nousername96

3 years ago#102
I have 361 hours on GMod, most of which is on one server....

I have 204 hours of TF2, which is mostly on one server again....

I need to get checked out.
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  3. What are the games you spent a lot of playing time on? (30-100+ hours)

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