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So is MIght and Magic X a good game, or not?

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  3. So is MIght and Magic X a good game, or not?

User Info: Arsene-Lupin

3 years ago#1
It's really hard to discriminate between opinions based on the released game and the Early Access Beta version of the game, and harder still to filter out all the illegitimate criticism (ie Uplay). I just want to know: is it a good game, or not? The actual game itself. I don't care about the DRM, or the client, or texture quality, or any--ANY--other game.
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User Info: Slambo70

3 years ago#2
Yes, I'm on my second playthrough now. I've played the other MM games with 4 and 6 being my favorites. This one is pretty enjoyable with some minor technical annoyances. Well worth the price tag.
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User Info: kelemvor

3 years ago#3
I just reached Act 2. You won't have a problem as long as you have some experience at tactical RPGs or strategy games. I personally love this, but the game doesn't really pull punches and you can easily die by the first boss. I would definitely recommend picking a point in Earth Magic and/or Light magic in your default party for the amazing 1st tier spells they come with. Regeneration and Celestial Armor are useful throughout the entire game. There are 12 classes and builds can be all over the place, but you can always just use the default party. I've mentioned it in other threads by comparing it to Final Fantasy 1 where you can create 4 characters and they aren't all balanced. Still, there is a lot of overlap in the skills so there isn't a really bad class (unlike FF1's Thief).

I haven't had any trouble with crashes or game breaking bugs, but I've heard there are some issues later in the game if you teleport under certain conditions. Also the loading times are unusually long for a PC game.

The new IGN review that just came out is pretty fair. 7.2/10
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User Info: EGMRULZ

3 years ago#4
Reviews are there for a reason.
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User Info: JowyBlight

3 years ago#5
It's a good game if you like M&M style games, due to the sheer fact that they just don't make games like this anymore.
The difficulty on warrior at the beginning is hard to the point you require mass reloading until you get a desirable result and then turns to a cakewalk around 18+.
Game has many balance issues like that and other ones as well.

The worst issues are technical ones, especially the 20+ sec load times on the field map, which gets tedious very quickly considering how much you'll be reloading in this game. And the game doesn't even load when you're tabbed so you're forced to watch the spinning dial!

But as I said, because they don't make games like this anymore, you'll want to play this game anyway just to get your "fix", and in that sense it's good.

I'm just hoping the next installment (assuming they make one) will be more polished. Could see this one as a test run to gauge interest and to gain experience in the genre, both from doing it and from customer feedback.
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User Info: HighOnPhazon

3 years ago#6
EGMRULZ posted...
Reviews are there for a reason.

I'm guessing he wanted actual player experience instead of reading some hack's review after playing the game for 15 minutes.

Get off your high horse buddy.
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User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#7
Yes, it is a good game. It needs another minor polishing up patch though.

And major reviews for these types of games are almost always bad. It's better than the 69/100 meta.
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User Info: Arsene-Lupin

3 years ago#8
Thanks for the input. I went ahead and bought the game and just sunk a good 100 minutes into it. Took me a while to get that first boss killed without losing any party members. I take it there's no re-spawning enemies, and the total amount of gold and experience in the game is finite?

Anyway, I'm really enjoying it so far. I've never played a M&M game before (HoMM is as close as I've ever gotten), and will probably go back to some of the older games when I'm done with Legacy. I really love the whole combat system and Wizardry-style map exploration.
"And you see where that can lead you, into what mistakes and absurdities, when you are dealing with a man like Arsene Lupin."
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  3. So is MIght and Magic X a good game, or not?

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