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Humble Weekly Sale: Codemasters

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User Info: arstos

3 years ago#11
not sure i care about overlord or operation flashpoint, but those dirt games are definitely worth the price, away i go.

User Info: rusty12000

3 years ago#12
Ohh awesome
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User Info: Boge

3 years ago#13
This is the kind of Humble bundle I buy and then never install the games. Great deal, but for some reason I just never play the games.
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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#14
Literally just bought (only $1 though). My dinosaur Radeon HD 5450 can't run Dirt 3, and Overlord should be fine rather than Overlord II.
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User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
3 years ago#15
OrgeLambart posted...
won't it be two keys, one if you pay a dollar and one if you pay 6 dollars? Hope so, I have all the dollar games, but don't have Dirt 3 or Dirt Showdown and wouldn't mind grabbing them for 6 dollars. I've never seen them do one key for all games if they had two tiers of games.

Yeah, I don't have the bundle but that's probably the case. Even with the edit above, I'm sure it's just one key (per tier) tied to your account, so you either redeem it all to yourself or give the whole thing to someone else. Er, per tier anyway.
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User Info: Jenfromwin

3 years ago#16
that sucks cause I would like to be able to give away the games I already own

User Info: sarevokmb

3 years ago#17
Overlord isn't a bad Pikmin-like game. I had it on the 360. Might pick it up now for PC, because I still don't have a Wii U for Pikmin 3. :(
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User Info: it_r_over9000

3 years ago#18
I have Red River on my PS3. I enjoyed it when I played it and I'm tempted to get it for this just to play it with KBM, better graphics, and framerate and maybe mods if anyone ever bothered for that game.
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User Info: pelon213

3 years ago#19
Can I buy this to give to another steam member? Or would they have to buy under a humble bundle acct tied to their steam?
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User Info: AsucaHayashi

3 years ago#20
^ you can gift it(it has to be redeemed on his own steam account) but as mentioned, all the games are tied under one license/key.
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