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Poll: Do you use review scores from your #1 source or metareview scores?

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User Info: FL81

3 years ago#41
DerPancake posted...
I trust the honest gamefaqs user reviews.

Honestly, this.

User Info: R_Jackal

3 years ago#42
I use videos. I can determine whether or not I'd like a game solely from those with 100% accuracy. I couldn't care less about written reviews or numerical values.
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User Info: zxelman

3 years ago#43
It depends on the game for me. I could check out some reviews on gamefaqs for some of them, but for the most part, I do this.

I check youtube gameplay (not reviews) first, then I look for any additional information anywhere like all the features it has (single-player, multi-player, how long is the game, replayability, bugs it may have, updates, sales it went through, list goes on).

I also look for how the game flows. For example (skip this paragraph if you don't care about details), if it's an RPG, I look to see any patterns it may have. Like is it mission/lobby-based where the town (or whatever it may be) acts as a hub, ex: Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star games, Dragon's Crown, etc. Or if it's a free-roaming one, in which the examples are obvious. Course free-roaming games can still be linear, but I look if it branches out to multiple different quests, or just a main story line and side-quests.

Then I usually buy or pass it right there. If I am still on the fence, I'd wait for a good sale if it's not already on one.

So yea, I'd only use reviews to get the facts, and barely any opinions. I decide if the game looks fun for me.

User Info: Melenator

3 years ago#44
I'll listen to a few reviews, level headed people who bought the game, and watch a Let's Play to determine whether it looks good or not.

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#45
From: Melenator | #044
watch a Let's Play

That's usually a pretty big factor for me as well...if I watch a Let's play and it looks interesting, I'll be more inclined to buy it than if I just have to base it off of a review. Professional reviews are worthless since they're all unable to be totally honest without getting fired because of it, or else they don't care about being honest and would prefer to do product placement for other junk at the same time.

User reviews tend to be biased but at least it's not because the games companies are paying them to be biased. Otherwise I trust something like Angry Joe or TotalBiscuit or LGR reviews to give a pretty fair run down of the game's qualities.

User Info: Cade6669

3 years ago#46
I really respect Adam Sessler and Angry Joe's opinion, both on YouTube. We have similar taste.
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User Info: JonWood007

3 years ago#47
Neither. I watch youtube vids nowadays that give detailed looks at games. Demos and free weekends on steam also help.
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