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need a bit of help....please

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User Info: Ivany2008

3 years ago#1
Finished building my computer, all that was left to do was put the graphics card in. Now when I did the PC Part Picker it said there was no compatibility issues with my case(Fractal XL) I try to put in my EVGA Geforce GTX 770 into the motherboard and the metal part where the screws go in to secure it in place is preventing it from being pushed into the motherboard.

is there any way around this or am I going to have to wait another 2 weeks and grab a different video card

User Info: Lonestar2000

3 years ago#2
Can you take pics?
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User Info: Ivany2008

3 years ago#3
I can try....but I only have a webcam(been using skype to take pics atm). It'll have to be sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening as I have work until 4:30 my time.

User Info: Pokenub

3 years ago#4
To be honest, it sounds like you mounted your MB incorrectly..
Damn it.. I swear I had something for this..

User Info: Ivany2008

3 years ago#5
I don't think thats possible. I followed a Carey Holzman video to a tee. There was barely enough room to install my water cooler

User Info: SonyHoundDawg

3 years ago#6
Did you take the metal cover off the back of the case for both slots where the video card fits in? But some pics would be the most helpful Im sure someone could help you in a sec.

They don't have to beat super high quality, just enough to understand whats going on.

User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#7
What screws? They should be VERY short screws going in to the motherboard. It sounds like you used the wrong screws... or something... they should be almost flush, they are pretty flat. No screws should be sticking out. Take a pic with your cell and upload it somewhere for us?
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User Info: Altmadragon

3 years ago#8
My brother had the same problem with this case and his gpu.

this problem lies with the case not the card, you will have to rma or return the case.

Edit: some cases was sent out with the wrong length standoffs
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User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#9
Did you use the brass standoffs that go between the motherboard and the case?
If those aren't there (which they need to be to prevent your motherboard from shorting out from contacting the metal case) then the motherboard won't sick out as far and would prevent the GPU from going into the motherboard.
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User Info: Ivany2008

3 years ago#10
trying to get in contact with a friend to use his camera, til then
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